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NBA draft and try to be drafted by an NBA team


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MyCareer is a popular mode in NBA 2K24 that allows players to create their own basketball players and lead them through their careers from high school to the NBA. Along the way, players gain experience points and improve their character's skills and attributes, and make decisions that affect their career trajectory.

The mode starts with players creating their own players, choosing their height, weight, positioning and other physical attributes. From there, players are taken to their high school teams where they can participate in games and practices to improve their skills. When players win, they gain experience points that can be used to improve their character's attributes, such as shooting, dribbling, and defense.

Once players complete high school, they can advance to college, where they can participate in games and gain more experience points to improve their character's attributes. After college, players can enter the NBA draft and try to be drafted by an NBA team.

After players enter the NBA, they can participate in games and gain more experience points to improve their character attributes. They can also participate in the All-Star Game, playoffs and other events to gain additional experience points.

As players progress in their careers, they can also make decisions that impact their career trajectory. For example, players can choose to focus on improving their shooting or defense, which will affect their attributes and how they perform in games. Players also have the option to participate in off-field activities, such as media interviews and community service, which can earn them additional experience points and boost their reputation.

One of the most exciting aspects of MyCareer in NBA 2K24 is the ability to interact with other characters in the game, such as teammates and coaches. Players can develop relationships with these characters, which affects their performance in the game and the overall storyline of the mode. For example, players may receive bonus experience points if they develop strong relationships with teammates or coaches.

For example, there's a "Blacktop" mode where players can play street basketball against friends. There's also the "MyGM" mode, where players take control of an NBA team and make decisions about player trades, coaching staff, and other team-related matters.

MyCareer in NBA 2K24 is a deep and engaging mode that fully immerses players in the world of professional basketball. With extensive customization options, interactive characters, and exciting gameplay , players will have hours of fun creating their own basketball players and leading them through their careers.
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