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How to Trade on Rocket League on Switch 2023


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Trading is an online feature that allows you to exchange Rocket League Items with other players. Players can enable/disable trading by changing the Allow Player-to-Player Trading setting in the Interface tab of the Settings menu.

What is Trading in Rocket League?

Many Rocket League players are very fond of their battle cars. They want to achieve the most unique and prestigious looks. To do it, they need to obtain new car designs and other breathtaking visual effects. The good thing about these visual perks is that they can be traded.

So, the answer to your “what is trading in Rocket League” question goes along the following lines: it refers to giving another player an item or in-game currency in return for an item or in-game currency. There are various tradable items in Rocket League, including:


Items built from blueprints (though these can only be traded on the same platform)

Credits (up to 100,000 credits)

Items from Crates looted before the Blueprint system update

Items from various in-game events

Free drops players get after completing a game

Exclusive Rocket Pass items only players in Pro Tiers loot

How to Trade on Rocket League on Switch

Trading with players for Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is an easy affair.

Create a party.

Invite a player to your party.

Invite the player to trade with you.

Start discussing what you’d like to trade.

Select the agreed-upon items.

Accept the trade with the other player.

While Psyonix had to work on adapting Rocket League for the Switch, the system is still the same, despite the amount of custom development needed.

Trading in Rocket League is a great way to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance. If you’re lucky, you might find someone who has the wheels or chassis that you want, and perhaps you have what they’re looking for too. You also earn credits if you offer something rare! That's all information, if you want to know more information, please visit IGV It will provide Rocket League Credits cheap prices and fast delivery. You orders will be fully prepared in a short time.